My bubble gum pink Sissy

My New Orleans Sissy Michell is all dolled up looking adorable in the new clothes I sent to her house. With the annoying wife Taco out of town, Michell gets to be a Barbie girl every day.

Stardust Gooner

Stardust Gooner...silly loser thought he could close his account and actually stay away. We all know that never works! Loser is back where he belongs. He knows he needs to prove himself to me. I told him to check in once a week, he's already called 3 times and sends tributes. I plan on keeping him popping, gooning, and denied forever.

Congrats, Fay - $74K

$74K Fay vid below -

Congratulations, Fay! You keep climbing your way up to the $100K Club! I love making these little videos to tease you for being so weak for me. I also love how it triggers all the other boys who need to be drained... like Will for example, he's been trying to quit findom forever, but once he sees my Tweets and how addicted I've got Fay, he can't help but send a tribute and another and another! Will wants to be just like Fay, he's just starting out, but excited to be close to the $1K club! Be a good boy, send another tribute!

Here's the vid below - the one that made Will realize he will never quit Findom as long as I'm around.

Raise the Rate


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I was busy draining boys as usual last night, turned my lines off around 1am and then Piggy John messaged saying he would love to call. 10 minutes went by and I hadn’t replied, so he said: Raise the rate, don’t care, need you.
I said of course I’ll raise the rate on you (because I always raise it on him). We started off at $7/min. Then $10 up to $20. Piggy couldn’t get enough of my humiliation. I had him singing, dancing, kneeling, performing for me while getting his wallet drained. When piggy would take a little break, someone else would jump right on the line. I kept changing it back-and-forth from $10-$20 a minute. As soon as I became available Cupcake Sissy jumped on. He was so happy to say his words to live by and bark for me like a good little puppy dog. Then Piggy John came back for more. He took another break and a new subbie Ben called in. It was getting very late, but I didn’t mind, draining you boys for hundreds of dollars so easily definitely wakes me up. Then Cleavage Bob called. I actually declined Bob’s call because I didn’t know if he was aware that it was $20/minute. Turns out, I should’ve accepted because Bob was ready to pay! John came back for more wallet draining humiliation and was oinking away until 4:20 in the morning.
Hey Ray…you’re next!

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