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I had so much fun having Mike Columbo kick Chicago Mikey's ass for over an hour  last night.   Mikey was so loud -crying out in pain, I'm surprised the other guests in the hotel he's staying at didn't complain.
Mikey calls often and has SO much feedback to catch up on, but as he put it today, he's going for "quality over quantity" 
As always....  it's very entertaining:)
chicago mikey5 starsomg, i am sooooooo sore from last night! Bella Daisy had me wrestle Mike Columbo, and he twisted me into so many pretzel-like shapes...ow, ow, OWW!!! Actually, i shouldn't just say "Mike Columbo"...when someone dominates you as badly as he did to me, I need to say, "Mister Mike" or "Master Mike" out of respect...othewise, he'll whoop my butt even worse next time...;-) 


While I was on with Chicago Mikey Loser Mark was getting very jealous because he had to wait so long to call....   I made him send tributes to keep himself occupied.
LM:  tell that faggot to put himself in a sleeper hold and let a real loser have the Princess.

After Mikey's call ended Loser Mark was more than ready to show me what a couch fucking loser he is:)

Tank called  - he was so excited to tell me he finally did it...   he bought a  big black dildo (with suction cup so he could stick it to the wall and get on his knees for me)  For almost an hour I had him humiliating himself....    jerking and sucking that huge black cock.....   he's such a cock sucking faggot - I made him wipe his precum on the head of the dildo and cuck it off.  The only way I'd let him cum was with his legs up over his head so he could jerk off all over his loser face.... I kept him that way for quite a while.   Towards the end of the call he told me it was so hard to breath, his lungs were on fire...   WHY????    he's stationed in the mountains of Colorado and is having a hard time adjusting....  I told him he should have told me and I would have let him sit up, but  he's such a good cock sucker he didn't want to complain:)
Tags: cock sucker, dildo, loser, submission wrestling

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