belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I'm stopping at the travel agent to pick up my documents for Vegas (nothing like waiting till the last minute)... then I'm off to the Phillies game!!  I got a bunch of emails and IM's from callers who will be at the game....  I'll be by 1st base ... if you have the balls to say hi to me... have your wallet in hand ready to fork over the cash losers ;)

tg-phils2.jpg picture by belladaisy27

1HB did it again... $150 Tribute for his Princess:)  Bringing him up to $600 over the past few nights:)  Good job pussyboi ;)

Loser Mike from Chicago joined the couch club again...   he sent me more pics of his tranny girlfriend while his wife was sleeping.  He/she's pretty hot...  except for the whole having a DICK thing ;)  hahaha      Mike can't wait for her to fuck his loser ass on Saturday.

Bob the Builder...  you have pay-to-view emails waiting ;)

tg-Bob-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27
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