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tg-phillies.jpg picture by belladaisy27  tg-phillies3.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Phillies032.jpg picture by belladaisy27
Cuckie JJ My $hopping $lave ~ thanks for the tickets... I stayed until the 7th inning then went out for drinks... on you of course!  Thanks for all the pre-game tributes loser!  Go ahead and send some more!


Chicago Mikey... I saw you arranged a call last night... I'll be on tonight  if you want to call;)
chicago mikey5 starsSo NOW Donna has become a fan of studly male wrestlers who strike muscular victory poses over their fallen, defeated, wimpy opponents...no fair! <sniffle> 


Bob was back...needing to be used again....

bobback.jpg picture by belladaisy27