belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

NiteFlirt started out great last night..

I signed on NF to see a few new callers bought my pictures.

Then "AssholeFaggot" ((he named himself that, not  called for humiliation.  After talking for a few minutes I realized he picked the perfect member name for himself.  I'll call him "AF"...  We spoke for a few minutes and I decided to hang up on him and raise the rate.  He called right back for more.

A little while later Ryan called my cam line - he keeps toying with a blackmail fantasy - even gave me his girlfriend's phone #.   As usual... after about 10 minutes he gets scared and hangs up. lol   He'll be back...  he always is ;)

Then "AF" called again...  he's so pathetic -  he has a tiny little dick and could never satisfy a woman.  You could hear in his voice how excited he was to hear me calling him a loser and talking about whoring him out.  I had to raise the rate again - he needed it.  So I did that a few times... just hung up and raised it - knowing he'd call right back.                     Then it happened...  I'm now charging him $7 / min and in the middle of taking all this loser's money -- NiteFlirt's system gets messed up --- the call is disconnected -- and my listings are stuck on busy for over an hour.      I had that pathetic AssholeFaggot begging me to use him and take his money and I couldn't.   I had a few other callers arranging calls.. and it wouldn't call them...  it kept saying I was on a call when I wasn't.   Soooo frustrating.  (I went on NF's forums and saw I wasn't the only one this happened to, a bunch of other girls were "stuck on busy" also)   

OMG I was pissy!  lol  But then 1HotBoy came online looking for me because he arranged his nightly check-in and it wouldn't go through.  Like the #1 $laveboy that he is... he sent his Princess a $100 tribute to make me happy:)  
Later on in the night the system was working again and my calls were going through:)   


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