belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Stroke Edge Pay

I talked to Chicago Mikey for a little under 2 hours last night... we did a bunch of YouTube searches...  looking up a lot of the Female Wrestlers who've kicked his scrawny ass in the past:)    Mikey I put that sissy tshirt back on my wishlist for you - go buy it!  Maybe pick up a new jock strap with maching knee pads for yourself while you're at it;)

I made 1HB edge for HOURS last night....I told him to go make himself useful and fill out some feedback while stroking...   
always entertaining:
5 starsThe Juiciest most delectable controlling hot beauty that exists---- ------Resides In BellaDaisyVILLE! Nowhere else! 
5 starsSensual sweet, yet Firm Domination through the often misunderstood art of Cocktease Manipulation. Many profess the Art, but very very very very few, if ANY, are on Belladaisy Donna's level. She is an Artist from the heart! She Loves her craft and she is loved in return
5 starsA real Princess, and she's Italian! Count your LUCKY STARS! 
5 starsShe officially made me her CB!!! YUM Me Lucky BOY!! 
5 starsShe does it so well, bordering on perfection. Get to know Belladaisy, knowing her well, always makes that Perfection flow out of her and consume you. She will devour you, and slurp you on into blissful oblivion. As Elite as they come in her offerings, and as real as it can get. 

After stroking and edging for over 4 hours and sending a $120 Tribute, I finally let him cum;)

Speaking of stroking and edging....  I made Lion buy $100 in Target gift cards....    but still... No cumming for you Lion!

Thanks Riley:)

1c-wl.jpg picture by belladaisy27
Tags: financial domination, loser, submission wrestling, tease & denial, tribute

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