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Itty Bitty lil guy...

Today's presents....thanks Riley and Cuckie:)
zz1wl.jpg picture by belladaisy27

I had a new caller... "Little Dick P"
We talked for close to an hour and half last night and he had me laughing through most of it.
How could I not laugh when I saw  that his lil dick was shorter than his wife's 4 inch high heel?
Shorter than her tube of lip gloss, smaller than a bottle of Tylenol, small enough to fit in a shot glass, and completely disappeared when he stuck the little guy in a prescription bottle.  ((The prescription bottle that I made him hold closer to the camera so I could get a better look))....a better look of his little dick?? god no  - of the name written on the bottle:)  A quick Google search gave me his name, address, and phone number...that will come in handy when I'm in the mood for some blackmail games:)
I thought he was going to have a heart attack when I read the info I found online  lol.

So his wife doesn't want to have sex with him...ever.  Are you really surprised? you're pushing 3 1/2 on a good day!  She does on the other hand enjoy lots of sex with a co-worker.  The only time she lets lil P touch her?...after she just got home from "working late".  He doesn't get to have sex with her ((she just had it with a real man))  but after a glass of wine and a massage she does let him lick her.   
Good job clean up boy!  LOL Pathetic!

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