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Public Libraries

Chicago Mikey emailed me:
Hey Donna
I just bought you that "I'm Not Mean, You're Just a Sissy" t-shirt from Amazon.
I can't tell you how difficult it was to hide my boner, sitting here in the public library, thinking of you wearing the shirt...;-)
Will you pleeeeease post a pic of yourself in the new t-shirt on your LJ page?

Thanks Mikey...  
sure I can post a pic :)  Still not sure how I'm going to squeeze my big boobs into a medium though.  lol

 omg, my library boner just got bigger (well, "bigger" for me...;-)

chicago mikey5 starsomg, Donna just forced me to buy her a t-shirt that reads, "I'm not mean, you're just a sissy." How humiliating...eek! Now why on earth would she think that i am a sissy? 
chicago mikey5 starsomg, Donna has found a new wrestling submission hold -- the (dreaded) Bear Hug. Now i'm scared that she's going to find some big, beefy, study to wrap his linebacker-like arms around me and squeeeeze! <whimper>


Thanks Lion ;)
z1twl.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Lion:  I'm sitting in a university library right now
Lion:  I checked your live journal.
Bella:  Oh yes the Target card you and Ruth bought me came today
Lion:  gasping at the "you and ruth" comment
Bella:  lol
Lion:  you liked that didn't you
Bella:  that's why I said it ;)
Lion:  I'm beginning to think that was an evil laugh..
Lion:  just had to "adjust" myself 
Lion:  I'm going to go now...I don't want to get lured in any further
Bella:  bye Lion... milk you soon ;)

Tags: belladaisy22, financial domination, gay wrestling, humiliation, loser, money, presents, sissy, submission wrestling, tribute, wish list

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