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Mikey told me some stories... looks like quite of few of my faggy callers used the email address I posted for Chicago Mikey and actually looked him up.  The best part... 2 of you bashed Mikey for being such a fag, lol... and here you are emailing and IMing him on Yahoo.  
6/22/2009     chicago mikey   5 starsomg, Donna has been giving out my private e-mail address to select callers <eek!> it has been sooooo humiliating to talk to them (but also fun! <giggle>) 
6/22/2009     chicago mikey   5 starsone of Donna's callers found me on Yahoo Chat and asked me, "Are you Donna's bitch?" <giggle> i can't believe she's giving out my e-mail to sooooo many callers! 

More wishlist presents from Riley  and another Target Gift card from Lion and his wife;)
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