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I had to make a new Live Journal account because someone took my pictures from my NiteFlirt account and also pictures I posted on here and made a MySpace account pretending to be me.  It's been a week now and MySpace still hasn't deleted the fake profile.  I also had to redo all of my NiteFlirt listings (tagging all of my pictures).    It's a shame I can't take pics for my callers without some sicko stealing them and creating a whole fake life online with my photos.  I started to go through my past journal entries and deleting any photos I posted... but I've had a live journal for over 2 years now and it would take forever...   so I deleted the old one, but here are some entries from the past few months...

August 31st, 2007



   Sept. 12, 2007
I had to redo all my listings today and tag all of my pics because I'm constantly finding fake listings and MySpace accounts with people who steal my pictures. I also added a couple new pics;)
I deleted my MySpace account today, so if you see my pics out there please let me know. I'm only on NiteFlirt ((I do have a Talk Sugar account, but I never use it))


Hope everyone had a good weekend...I spent most of it in the pool:) Only a week or 2 left before I close it for the winter:(
Saturday I played on NiteFlirt for a little while...
then went out with friends.
I had a great money night on Sunday...seems like all my $$ Slaves came out at once... sending tributes, some calling my ignore line ( I love that...they call to be put on hold while I go about whatever it is I'm doing) So I pretty much got paid to watch the Music Awards on

I had a caller tonight who really wanted to be mentioned in my journal... I'll call him SK...he's desperate to be whored out. LOSER!

TS was back tonight...and sent a nice $50 tribute:)



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