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The boobs never lose - lol

My Wish List

Last night YC came back thinking about doing a $50/min cam call...

yc: u are so tempting
yc: what shirt would it be
bella: my tank top says... "I'll be using These to my advantage"
yc: the boobs never lose huh?
bella: nope
bella: lol i like that;)
yc: can be ur new mantra
bella: it should be
yc: ha...would love to see that on ur niteflirt page
bella: you will ... after our cam call
yc : you know, i'd pay $2,000 without batting an eye if the shirt would come off with no bra.
bella: lol I bet you would - you've been asking forever - not gonna happen

Then tonight he was back again:
yc: dammit, I woke up this morning with the biggest hard on thinking about you. Wish u were on in the mornings
yc: u've been in my head all day
bella: as I should be
yc: i think it's time you use them to your advantage.
bella: oh yea?
bella: what did you have in mind
yc: i shouldn't even have to tell u
bella: you don't
bella: I just like to hear it
yc: put that new shirt on...and jack it all the way up to 50
bella: ready
yc: yes
bella: call
yc: calling
ycz.jpg picture by belladaisy27
yc: it's the same thing over and over, yet somehow it keeps getting more amazing
yc: i can't even tell u how glad I am that I did that
bella: it was time
yc: yes it was
yc: so i'm gonna get mention as ur #1 caller now right?
bella: yes

So here ya go YC.... $150 for 3 minutes and  by never paying less than $30 a minute... are you definitely my #1 cam caller ;) 


My UK Foot Fetish $troke $lave Perv is back:
UKFootPerv:  i am hopelessly horny. forlorn. GENERALLY BROKE. i should learn - but You're ADDICTIVE
bella:  I have so many new foot pics
bellad:  how are you?
UKFootPerv:  frantic. trying to stay away
bella:  want to see pics?
UKFootPerv:  i can't afford it. sad
bella:  you can afford one lil email
UKFootPerv:  which leads to...
UKFootPerv:  more
UKFootPerv:  me begging
bella:  nah, watch what happens....
UKFootPerv:  You know what happens
UKFootPerv:  then when You got me desperate brainwashed
UKFootPerv:  blackmail begins
UKFootPerv:  i want it - but it's destructive
UKFootPerv:  how are You?
UKFootPerv:   all the very, very best in Your business venture
UKFootPerv:  whatever it may be - even if it means You devoting less time to leading losers round  by  their engorged cocks, vulgar lol
bella: oh look at that
bella: you have mail foot perv
UKFootPerv:  if i open it,  if i pay
bella: open it for me
UKFootPerv:  i am Your weak, fetishised, addicted payslut cashcow. no?
bella:  YES
bella:  open it
UKFootPerv:  $20? starting... steep
bella:  sheer black stockings - sexy stilettos - hot pink toes...
UKFootPerv:  stop..
UKFootPerv:  i mean, don't
bella: open it
UKFootPerv:  dam You're conditioning my sexuality
UKFootPerv:  to Your feet, heels, legs
bella:  that's the way it should be
UKFootPerv:  [was just typing] god, this is bad
UKFootPerv: how's Your blackmail slave? [the $700 in the post dude]
bella: that asshole - had me so mad - I put him on a payment schedule
bella:  he'll be paying me for a very long time
bella: and foot slave... you have mail
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