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$100 Target Gift Card and nail polish came yesterday ... Thanks Riley:)
zwl009.jpg picture by belladaisy27


Sissy M was back to tell me about her latest adventure....   She's such a good lil whore, ready and waiting on her knees when her Boss walks into the room. 


After that I talked to Chicago Mikey ...we did more YouTube searches for submission favorites are watching the weak guys submit to the stronger women;)  The other day Mikey mentioned a really good book he just I added it to my wishlist for him to pick up;)   Such a silly lil fag, but always recommends great books... thanks Mikey ;)


After that my new Hypno guy Ken was back.  I know he said he enjoyed our first call the other day, but it's not something I do often so I wasn't sure...  but not only was he back... he couldn't get enough... I figured I'd make it a 15 minute call, but Ken wanted to keep on going...  I ended up Hypnotizing him a couple times..we talked for an hour,  focusing on his need to serve me and mixed in a lil forced intox as well.  It ended up being a lot of fun:) 
Since I posted the first entry about Ken's hypno call the other day I've been getting a lot of emails requesting calls..  I think I need to learn more about it though ;)


Then I ended up doing a half hour cam call with Layton.  I put on stockings and stilettos to tease and deny him over and over again... it's so much fun owning his cock ;)


Speaking of stockings and stilettos...  my Foot Slave D was back last night...   He'd give anything for the chance to serve me..worship me.. wait on me hand and foot;)  I noticed he's been calling longer and more frequently...  getting more addicted and I love it! 


1HB was such a good pet.. sitting at my feet all night, waiting for his turn to call...I decided to up his nightly tribute from $50 to $75 and he couldn't be happier to pay!

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