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Jul. 8th, 2009

Ok so trying to run my own company and still spend hours on NF every night is not as easy as I thought it would be.   Had to get up at 6am,  (( I usually go to bed around then;))   Met with my new accountant ((explaining that I also work on NiteFlirt wasn't awkward at all, lol)),  dropped off papers at my attorney's office, did a lil shopping, then met a friend at the gym for a Spinning class.... ouch.
I really planned on being on NF tonight, but passed out during the first inning of the Phillies game.    It's almost 1am... I'm just getting on NiteFlirt now.  I see I missed arranged calls from 1HB, Chicago Mikey, and a new caller.. hope to catch up with you tomorrow boys;)

Cuckie JJ picked up a few wish list things for my puppies and

1HB surprised me with a $65 Tribute on top of his nightly $50 :)

5 starsI have been owned by Princess Belladaisy since 2003. How's that for loyalty and dedication?