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English Bob came back last night..  it's been a while.  We chatted on Yahoo and he said he wanted to call.  So I raised my rate to $4/min for him:)
He called my cam line and we talked for a little bit and I let him know I was raising the rate again and he better call right back.  So I raised it to $7/min - like a good boy he called right back --  and got this message from NiteFlirt ""We're sorry - we're having trouble with our systems...please try again later" !!!!!!!!!!  This was happening all last night.  but Bob didn't give up -- he called 8 times in a row and Finally got through to pay me $7/min on my cam line.

***"We're sorry - we're having trouble with our systems...please try again later"***   That's the message a lot of you heard when you tried to call last night -- I got the same message when I tried to answer your calls.  Some of you spent a lot of time trying to get through while the system was having errors (( it shows me how many times you call my listing - even when the call doesn't connect))   and I really appreciate that;)  Thanks;)

Loser  Jim  he's --> (((this guy from the 14th))) "I had a new caller Jim tonight...   he's a little dick loser and he knows it.  We chatted for an hour and he told me some of his loser how his girlfriends cheat on him, he's actually seen his girlfriends having sex with other men.. and what did he do about it I asked???   NOTHING!    Why?...because  Jim's a big LOSER!  He's not a real man... he certainly doesn't have a real man's dick.. so of course his girls go looking for something better!   He has a girlfriend now, but I told him it won't be long before she gets tired of having a lil dick pussy for a boyfriend and moves on too:)  In the meantime... I'll be happy to take his money and make him pay for my attention:)" 
---Anyway... Loser Jim called back last night... actually he called a few times...  because every time I made him open a pay-to-view he had to hang up to do it since the NF system was messed up.  As you already know - Jim's a weak lil dick loser... and I so enjoy taking his money.  Even better... it wasn't just his money -- his girlfriend's too.  Yes Jim's girlfriend paid for my French Manicure.  When he called right back I made him/them go pay for my pedicure too!  When Jim called back the 3rd time - I told him I think it says you called my cam listing (are you on Yahoo?) -- he said no  I called your (let's have a 3some/ wallet listing).  Turns out he did call my cam listing and was paying $2.99/ min :)  See Jim's a big loser!!  but that's ok --  I was more than happy to take more of his money.  Then Jim asked what his gf could pay for next.  I suggested my cell phone bill.  $141.93     He didn't pay it last night..  but when I signed on this morning.. I saw he paid it today around 7am :)  lol Thanks Jim -- and thank you're girlfriend for me too;)

I'm off to get a mani and pedi on Jim.... I'll be back this afternoon.
I'm going out tonight  so I won't be taking calls very long.

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