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Quick update...

I don't have much to update on... I didn't get on till midnight...
I spent the day in Ocean City and picked out the beach house I'll be renting for a week in September. 

A $50 Target GC from Lion came today... I think this is the last of all the ones he bought... time to buy more bitch!
 lion-cc-gc.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Did a call with 1HB ,  Loser Jim (who has an assignment to finish!),  then did a raise the rate call...
After that I had Cuckie JJ pick up a few things on my wishlist...
and ended the night with a $100 CBT session with My Pain Slut M. 
He's leaving for a week's vacation, so I made sure Not to take it easy on him;)

ps1.jpg picture by belladaisy27