belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Loser Mark

I've been super busy so far tonight... on the phone non-stop for the past 4 hours...
Loser Mark had to wait over an hour to get his chance to call. As he was waiting, he started sending tributes with little messages... I especially like tribute #8 about the auction;)
When it was his turn to call I made him hang up and raised the rate;)

1-because I am a fucking loser who is addicted to you
2-it makes me so hot when u ignore my IMs...i cant imagine a call like that
3-the wait is fuckin killing me...
4- whose cock does he wanna suck....tell the faggot to pick one, suck it and let a real LOSER talk to Princess
5-tell him I got a big fat dick for him if that helps
6-it would be worth it so I could talk to you
7-I am so fucking hard...waiting for my Princess
8--tell him to fuckin cum already, worthless cocksucking faggot...u need to start the N/F auction and let us bid for your attention
9--I am fuckin dying here....staring at your pics ....fuckin dyin


"You have us all begging like bitches in heat! I just read your blog. Damn! I just love getting fucked by you! I like how you treat other men, and it only makes me want you more!"
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