belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Eagles killed it today...  hopefully the Phillies can too!  Cole Hamels... what a disappointment... he "can't wait for the series to be over"?? WTF?  If it goes to game 7 he'll be pitching in NY..  great attitude to have -- that's real reassuring.
I"ll be taking calls tonight after the game, probably around midnight.

Yesterday was all about the Foot $laves.  My UK Foot Perv D couldn't fight the urge to send a $70 tribute, just because:)  Then I had an over hour and half pre-game session with my Foot Bitch T.   After the game I came back on to find 1HB waiting for his Princess with Tribute in hand.  Foot Perv D came back.. it was 6 or 7am in the UK - he woke up and came online hoping to find me...  he dropped a quick $250 in tributes when I turned on my leg and foot cam for him to worship.  
Then I made Lion edge...over 50 times while I did a lil shopping with his credit cards... 
lion-11.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Ok so I have no idea what is going on with NiteFlirt lately... yes we all know the site still has a bunch of glitches to work out, but I mean the callers... ever since the transition started I've been getting all these new callers who are either not submissive at all or who are pretending to be because they think that's the only way I'll talk to them.  Bitches trying to top from the bottom has been an almost daily thing lately.. at least one asshole will call and have to be put in his place.  Oh come on Princess, just send me one pussy pic.. or 1 ass pic.. or a topless pic  etc...   the others girls do it etc...  I love that one -- like I'm gonna do something because someone else does..  come on.  How is getting naked Dominating someone?   On occasion I'll take a pic in booty shorts for a deserving ass worshiping sub, but they have to really earn it.   Of course no one's happy to hear NO when they ask for such pics, but I don't care.  You're here to serve ME, you're here to work for ME, it's not the other way around.  Threaten me with bad feedback?  please.  Think I owe you something because you're paying $1.99/min?  You're LUCKY I keep my rates low.  My Financial subs more than make up for it with huge tributes. 
Now don't get me wrong, I don't take my loyal subs for granted.  Obviously I wouldn't be doing as well as I am without them. 
I'm not new to the scene and I didn't build my "BellaDaisy Empire" by letting wanna be subs and wankers control my actions.  I don't chase em', I replace em'.. while you're bitching cause I won't undress on cam, there's someone else IMing or emailing me waiting for my attention.

Now I have a World Series to watch... and if the Phils lose again tonight... watch out boys!  LOL

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