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I  haven't mentioned my callers in a few days....  let's see   what's been going on.....

-Pet Matt sent a nice $400. tribute Tuesday morning:)

-Last night I was talking to one of my friends on the phone and checking emails.  One from NF said... "your account has been credited".  and soon they kept coming one after the other.  I was watching my balance go up while talking with friends.  A new caller "jt" was going through my listings and buying every  pay-to-view mail available.  I waited a lil while then emailed him asking if he was having fun giving me all his money, cause I was definitely enjoying taking it;)  He said he was, but wanted more to spend....  so I added a couple pay buttons...  along with everything on my listings, I let him pay $50 for a "night out with the girls".   He wanted to do one more...  so I said let's make it a good one then and  sent him a $100 payment request.     His response?... "does it have to be so high Goddess Bella?"
To which I replied : 
YES!   I'm worth it!

"jt" : Thank you Goddess Bella you made me so horney thinking about how you were using me for me money.

I'm glad it got you worked up...  taking your money turns me on :)    I'd let you cum....  but there's a Fee ;)

"jt":  I hope I can afford it because I am going crazy over here thinking about you

"jt":  Goddess Bella is there anyway I can buy a picture of you?  I would cum so good if I knew I was looking at a picture of you I had to pay for.  If not I understand.

So I took one for him.for $50...  

taggedPicture3.jpg picture by belladaisy27

So a few hundred dollars later  he replied:

"jt" OMG thank you so much I came right in my pants I am one lucky Loser. 

Yes "jt"   you sure are ;) 

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