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Nov. 9th, 2007

"jt" sent me a $50. tribute this afternoon while I was out, along with this note:
"I have not been able to stop thinking about you since you fucked me over the other night. I keep looking at your pictures of your feet and get so weak."


 Loser N called last night...  he was my original "raise the rate" caller a couple years ago.   He showed me just how weak and pathetic my callers can be:)  He IMed me on Yahoo and asked if he could call.  So I raised my cam listing up to $4/min.  We talked and I teased him with my feet for a little while, then I had to remind him that I expect him to pay at least $7/min when he calls.  I hung up, raised it, and he called right back and we talked for a while longer and just as we got the 1 minute warning - he asked permission to cum!!  NO!!!
He had to call back a third time and talk longer at $7/min. before I finally let him:)

Anything Goes11/8/2007Grimace71825 stars

I am poor, in college, and still begging this Goddess to raise her rate...


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