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Update on my blackmail bitch RY... he tried to make an excuse about his Amazon account not working... ((whatever)) and wanted to come back when his Fiance fell asleep. I gave him 2 minutes to make a decision on how he was going to pay me... time was up -- I ended up just using his credit card and spent $70 on Amazon myself. What could he really say.. I knew he was snowed in too ((with his family and fiance;)) Same time next week RY.. hmm wonder what I'll have you buy me next;)


Speaking of helping myself to credit cards.. TJ came online and asked if I could call him while his wife was out.. while we chatted I did a lil shopping off my wishlist.. the new comforter set and pillows. TJ makes it so easy for me... he went through the trouble of printing up a spreadsheet listing all his credit cards, including billing info, exp. dates, and passwords to log into each cards account to check the available balance.