belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 Yay!!   MySpace finally deleted the fake account someone made with my pics!  Using my sexy NiteFlirt pics is one thing..  but yesterday the main pic was me holding my puppy after I picked her up from the groomers.  It was really freaky to see my personal, every day pictures being used by the fake also:(  
(( I'm NOT on Myspace anymore ... so if you see my pics, please let me know.  Thanks))

I decided to give my callers a treat and come on early this morning...  my first call of the day was from "Bitchboy Sam" -   he has to leave for work soon, but has been dreaming of being a cock sucker all morning.  He's going to answer an ad on Craig's List like a good little slut.

Then my loyal slave  "1Hot Boy" called to serve his Princess - he was checking in to see if I had any new chores for him.  I told him to send a $50 tribute  and  call back tonight.

"Loser Mark"  emailed me from work a little while ago...asking if I'd stay on - he left the office right away  to call me from his car.  I had him driving around town playing with his loser dick and screaming out the window that he's a pathetic loser  and Princess Donna owns him.  

My favorite sucker from the west coast "Bradford"  just called...  he can't help but send all his money to me...  and my feet! :)

"1HotBoy"  just called back again... he couldn't wait till tonight to hear my voice.  I'm sure he'll be calling back tonight for a long call :)

I see a lot of you have been buying my "Loser Assignment" this week...  better  complete it losers!!!

** Feedback **   Go!  Fill It Out!  It only takes a minute!

I'll be on NiteFlirt until 2pm (eastern)...  then I'm going to do some errands...  bank, post office, tanning, etc.   I'll be back on NiteFlirt around 7pm (eastern)

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