belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I  was so busy yesterday....  into the night... I finally went to bed around 4am (not that I'm complaining;)  
I added a few new pictures and tribute buttons to my listings.
-UK Matt was back last night... it's been a few months.  He loves doing anything he can to humiliate himself.   I made him send tributes for 3 hours:)  A few hundred dollars later... I went to bed;)

- I sent Loser Jim a couple pay emails last night after we talked....  he opened them this morning:)

Mistresses11/13/2007frattiano225 starsGoddess Donna sent me a picture of her holding a sign saying "Hi Jim. It's time to pay more of my bills LOSER!" She makes me pay for every email she sends but this time I got a picture! She's gonna make me pay for emails of her pictures and make my girlfriend pay for emails regarding her beauty treatments. Her goal is to completely humiliate and emasculate me then make me suck cock when I am totally emasculated. loser jim 
Financial Domination11/12/2007frattiano225 starsI completed loser assignment #1 and then Goddess Donna humiliated me for having such a small dick and took $200 from me with the most cruel tease, manipulation, and verbal humiliation that I have ever experienced. Goddess Donna has decided that I will pay some of her bills when I get paid and my girlfriend will pay for her beauty treatments (especially beauty treatment on her unbelievable breasts) when she gets paid. She won't know that she is paying for Goddess Donna's beauty treatment which adds to my humiliation. loser jim 


-I also sent My Pet Matt a pay-to-view email: titled  "Have you...  noticed my..."
inside: updated wishlist???    those dvd's aren't going to buy themselves  Matt !!  ;)  the first 2 are available today!! 
   He bought them this morning:)  he's such a good pet...always ready to spoil me whenever I want!

-While I'm writing this my "lucky loser"  "jt"  is back...  opening pay mails.
"jt":You have got me so excited right now. I wish I could just lay all of my money right at your high heeled feet.
-So I took a pic with my webcam...because...-That's exactly where it ALL belongs!
PlaceHere.jpg picture by belladaisy27
"jt":OMG I want to cum so bad after seeing that your pictures are the best thing I have ever seen.  I know I have to pay a cum fee if you decide to allow me to cum.  Please let me cum you are driving me crazy I don't care what I have to pay.
- I sent him a $200. pay-to-view titled:   lol... I love those words...
"i don't care what I have to pay!" 

"jt":WOW I didn't excpect that much.  You really mean business 

he didn't pay or email for a few minutes... so I emailed him and asked...
"Too much???"

- He quickly paid the $200. Cum Fee and replied:
"jt":yes but I don't want to upset you.  Thank you!

I LOVE how he thanks for for taking over $500. from him in less than an hour!  LOL  LOSER!!!!

-Loser Jim just called - we talked for about a half hour and he told me I took all his money for the week and he has to take a cash advance to get by till payday.  Even though he's down to $6 in his account... he's already making plans to pay my bills on Friday and then have his girlfriend pay for my trip to the beauty salon to get my hair and nails done, and also a body massage(he's mostly focused on having my breasts rubbed with oils during the massage though, lol)
He asked me to type out a list of my bills (for him to pay) and a list of my beauty expenses (for his girlfriend to pay)  I'll do that this afternoon;)
Well it was a VERY profitable morning on NiteFlirt... It's 1pm....I'm signing off.. I'll be taking calls w/ Yahoo cam tonight around 7.(eastern)

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