belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 I signed on to NiteFlirt this morning and saw Jim spent $30 on Pay emails...including a list of my expenses he requested.
  I thought he was broke??   Guess he's using his cash advance on me;)

My $lave Roy from Norway was back ...  I took $120 from him this morning through email:)

$laveRoy: "hi my princess   luv you    thinking of you all the time    what's happening with me?"  

*$20 - Pay to view mail: "What's happening with you????"
well  roy....   I've got you wrapped around my little Princess finger and I'm going to keep using you and using you... and you're going to pay for the privilege;)

$laveRoy: "ok and i was afraid i was loosing my mind  now i can relax thank you lol"

*another $20 Pay-to-View mail "Losing your mind??"

-No silly....    just your money ;)

"$laveRoy": "Why?"

*$25 -Pay-to-View mail :WHY???"

-because you're a weak little loser who NEEDS to be OWNED by ME!    so...  I'm going to keep using you and using you!

$laveRoy: "thanks   pix?"

*$50. Pay-to-View:

 ROY-2.jpg picture by belladaisy27

$laveRoy:  "thank you for being so nice to me   you look so hot   i am getting hard when i see you   hope you think its fun to use me(i know you do)   i would have liked it                                talk to you later           love roy"

and then he spent another $5 on one of my "buy now" pics on my listings;)



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