belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

My pet Jay came through...  he hooked me up with a new MacBook.  I'm a PC girl so I have a lot to learn, but it'll be fun.
With the added stuff he ended up spending around $1,400... ahhh the life of a spoiled Princess;)
mac-jay.jpg picture by belladaisy27


Today's presents...   The Aldo heels are from Piggy M... the rest of the stuff...I helped myself to Cuckie JJ's credit card and did some shopping online.  I know they're not my normal type of stilettos that I love.. these are a little smaller heel for dance class.
ultabbbbbbbbb.jpg picture by belladaisy27

shoes-wl.jpg picture by belladaisy27


I was super tired last night since I had to get up at 5 for school... like I said yesterday -- it's hard getting up at the time you're used to going to bed....  so I only had NF on for a little while...lucky Loser Mark caught me on his way home from a game.  The pastry fucker tried to stop at Dunkin Donuts, but they were closed so he went to one of his old favorites - McDonald's... where he bought a nice warn gooey cheese burger to fuck in the parking lot.  LOL... watch out for those security cameras LOSER!
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