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Don't mind if I do....

I love taking control of your computers with "Log Me In" and "My PC"...

Tonight I left Yahoo on while I was away from the computer for about an hour... I walked in and saw my Money $lave P sent the link to log on to his computer...   he left a message saying "do me real good"...  I didn't bother to see if he was still around.. I just logged on to his computer anyway and helped myself...   $150...  hey P are you out here?  -nothing.. ok.. $100... -nothing.. ah let's go for another $50 :)

Even though I took double of what he was expecting..  he wasn't upset.. he said I deserve it...  and THAT    all you wanna be money slaves is the attitude you all should have!

Between my Money $laves P and A..they sent $505. the past couples days without asking anything in return.... why?... because they know how to serve a Princess;)

PPPPPPP-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

PPP.jpg picture by belladaisy27