belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Mikey called to tell me about his latest cross dressing crush.  He also asked if my friend Master Joe was around... Mikey's always scared of him, but this time he swore he would stand up to him..  so I had Joe call him... and within seconds (as expected) Mikey crumbled into the little sissy bitch that he is :)

02/26/2010   chicago mikey  5-star omg, does anyone know what it's like to have a MANLY man and a GORGEOUS woman laughing you? unfortunately, i know EXACTLY what that feels like (sadz) :( 
02/26/2010   chicago mikey  5-star omg, the WORST thing was that another man TOTALLY humiliated front of a beautiful woman like Bella Daisy! (sniffle) 
02/26/2010   chicago mikey  5-star omg, i can't believe Bella Daisy had another man call me up to INTIMIDATE me (eeek!) 

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