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I really should turn my cam on more often... how quickly you boys turn into my little puppets for a lil cam time with me.

What a busy night... first Riley called to see if any of his presents arrived... no not yet, but I'm expecting a lot in the next few days:)

Then sissy Mimi called for a nice hour long chat...it's always fun humiliating her... I posted a quick video below.

After that Sr came online looking to chat... while he chatted away I made him open pay mail after pay mail... $10, $11, $12, $13, $14 and so on up to $25... you do the math ;)

1HB and Lion had to wait quite a while for my attention tonight...
I was a multi tasking greedy Princess... one bitch on my cell phone and the other on my house phone while I helped myself to both of their credit cards...

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