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Mikey called me last night and we started talking about a call we did a couple weeks ago... I don't know what he was thinking, but Mikey tried to say he was manly and stood up to Master Mark. I had to remind Mikey that within seconds he was on his knees like a weak little sissy.  I decided to give him another shot...this time I had Matt call and tell Mikey what he thought of him....

03/13/2010   chicago mikey  5-star omg, i probably shouldn't admit this on the Internet, but Bella Daisy has a "magic" phrase -- when she says it, i start drooling like one of those dogs in the psychology experiment...i truly have NO CONTROL over it. please, please, pretty please with sugar on top do NOT ask Bella Daisy what that word is :( 
03/13/2010   chicago mikey  5-star omg, if Bella Daisy is waaaaaaaaay above her slaves, and her slaves are waaaaaaaaay above me...then what does that say about me? :( 
03/13/2010   chicago mikey  5-star omg, she made me answer the phone, "Bella Daisy's bitch, how can i help you?" -- it's like being her bitch is my JOB! (sniffles)