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Foot Bitch Ben was back at my feet where he belongs...
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I logged in to $lave P's computer a few times this week and helped myself to his money... he wanted to switch it up a bit and try a lil CBT... I made him slide that spoon in places it never should have gone...Feel the Burn P ;)   I took a few screen shots, but I'll save your eyes;) 
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This loser slutted his way over to my cam line... I see his type all the time.. Classic case of DENIAL.  He tried to explain to me why he's NOT a loser, I just kept laughing and charging him Piggy Fee's ... he was a little confused thinking I was sending him "cum fees"... no cumming for you loser.. I'm just making you pay extra because I can :)
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So Lion finally ballsed up and got a new bank card for me.  I've been milking him frequently the past couple weeks.
Today I took $100 just to see my cam for a whopping 2 minutes:)

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Cummy Scott... I know you miss serving me.. I was just giving you a lil break.. letting you save up for another all nighter;)


  Another warm, sunny day in Philly...the guys are outside building my new deck, should be done by next weekend...  Hmmm I wonder who I'm gonna hit up for new patio furniture;)
  This morning I went with my parents to the SPCA.  They adopted a beautiful red Akita who I named Ginger:) 
  I'll be back tonight boys - get ready ;)

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