belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Ok   so let me start off by telling you about loser Scott...  he keeps whining that he's never mentioned in my journal....   Scott's a lil dick sissy boy who loves to get dressed up in pretty pink panties, wear bright red lip stick and have me write "Cock Sucker" across his face in hot pink lipstick.    He'll do anything to humiliate himself for me.  He's usually humping the floor when he calls.  Sometimes he stuffs his underwear in his mouth... or licks the bottom of his shoe...while humping the floor.   But what he really wants to do is  be at a party with my friends.... in his little pink panties, lipstick, etc... and be made into the little sissy cock sucker  that we know he is!  he wants to be passed around the party ....  being used and humiliated while my girl friends blow smoke in his face (I don't smoke ;)   and he has to eat scraps and cigarette butts out of the dog's food bowl on the floor!   L_O_S_E_R!!!!!


Loser Neal  called my cam line tonight... ((he's another little dick loser)) ...   the plan was to make him stroke and stroke and give him blue balls...  but  this time   he only lasted 2 or 3 minutes!!  That cost him a $100 tribute for being so pathetic.


Kevin"jr" called tonight...  he's (again... a little dick loser, lol)  who moved in with his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend.  He's pretty much a slave - cooking and cleaning for them, he works, but his paycheck goes directly to them, and he sleeps in the hallway on a little rug.  They keep him in chastity at all times and if he gets a bit of a hard on -- he's punished by the boyfriend.
So he called tonight and while we were talking I asked if he gets turned on when he's talking to me 
(( I already knew the answer, just wanted to make him say it;) lol   He said yes  he does   ( of course;)   and it hurts when his little dick wants to move up with the CB2000 on.   There's a CB2000, CB3000, and now a CB6000  


The CB-2000™ is the first in our line of products.  It has always proven to be an excellent choice for the man that may require a slightly shorter cage.   LOL   that's definitely Kevin ;)


Loser Jim  called today and paid my $70 cell phone bill :)  


Last night  I had Loser Mark-Smyth (from  Ireland) and 1 Hot Boy competing with each other sending me tributes.  I was going back and forth making them send $50 tributes.  After 6 tributes ($300) from Mark I decided to make it $100... but his card was declined.  He thought that was it...but no... I wanted to keep taking more of his money...  So I sent a $40 payment request  and it went though... then I sent a $25 payment request and it was approved also.  I sent another, but that was it... he was maxed out.  So  I ended up taking $365. from Mark in about a half hour.    :)    When we were done he said he couldn't do this anymore...  he has to stop.  I told him to have a happy holiday and I'll see him again in a month or 2!  Because they ALWAYS come back!


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