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May. 13th, 2010

Thanks for the new camera  M$ ;)
msc.jpg picture by belladaisy27
Sr's been playing with the idea of me having his password for a while now, but I didn't want it...    yes I actually turn down quite a few of you when you tell me to "help myself"... but  after he sent a measley $20 tribute, I knew I was going to have to take over;)  We talked about setting a limit, but oops I guess I had him so distracted he forgot ;) Thanks for the $270 Sr ;)

After that I decided to give Lion's credit card a try...  after being declined last week, I was happy to see things were back to normal...  I took a little...he got scared and left... but couldn't resist and came back for more...   I ended up taking $150 and sent him on his way:)

lion1-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

lion2-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

lion3.jpg picture by belladaisy27

lion4.jpg picture by belladaisy27

lion5.jpg picture by belladaisy27