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Today was full of surprises...    I was woken up at 7am to the sound of my dogs going crazy because the guys showed up to do my patio brick work and lay out sod.  It was supossed to rain all day, so I didn't think they were coming.  Instead it turned out to be a beautiful ,sunny 84 degrees.   My girlfriend took a 3 day weekend so I invited her over to hang out and tan on my new deck.  It was a fun day... laying out, sipping frozen Mango Margaritas and watching 3 hot guys transform my yard and gardens into a beautiful Princess retreat:)  She was teasing me that I'll only hire hot workers, but all the contractors I've hired to remodel my house have been friends of my bf's..I can't help it if they happen to be really easy on the eyes;)

Then in today's mail, along with some gifts from Cuckie and M$, I got a $100 gift card from Lion...  I could have sworn it was declined when I bought it last week.  I tried to buy 3 and they all came up declined... but surprise... another $100 for me:) 
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Speaking of Lion...  last night I made him stroke and edge over 50 times while I took another $150 from him two days in a row. 
Making it $300 plus the surprise $100 gc today.. so glad Our credit card's working...but you're still not coming bitch!

Yesterday my Money $lave P paid me $40 to "ruin" his dinner.  He took the time to cook potatoes, meat, spinach, and gravy... only to have me ruin it by making him mix in ketchup, mustard, and some other condiments...  it looked (and according to him - tasted really gross).. but he ate it up anyway.   And for dessert....   I helped myself to $130 :)

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