belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Tuesday night  Sr came around while waiting for a rain delay before heading out to a baseball game... I was more than happy to help him kill some time and take his $195 :)

Piggy M and Riley were also around, both knocking off a bunch of items from my wishlist :)

Other than that I haven't been on much..  I have a sore throat and need to rest my cute voice ;) 

These came yesterday... along with the TV stand from Riley. 
The TV from PunishMe should be here in the next few hours.
edit: just got a phone call.. the "truck broke down", they can't deliver it till tomorrow afternoon.
ft-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

A  few weeks ago I bought new windows for my house.  People kept telling me the price was high..($1,150 per window)   But the sales  guy kept pushing the "it's worth the money in the long run because he guarantees my electric bill will lower by 40%". and if you want to go with cheap windows you might as well just keep what you have now.   40% is a LOT of money, so I went with that company and scheduled the windows to be installed today...  well... a few days ago I heard on the radio that the guarantee is ONLY if the company replaces Every Window and Door.  I recently had new garage doors, a front door, and sliding glass doors installed... so I only needed the regular windows.  So realizing the guarantee doesn't apply to me.. I was pissed and called to cancel the installation.     After talking to 2 managers and telling them I feel taken advantage of, lied to , etc  and the sales guy knew I wasn't covered by the guarantee but kept promising me I was. ... even had me show him my electric bill, etc.   They keep telling me there's no way out of it.. the windows are special ordered, I already signed the contract...     Again.. I tried .. keep the $250 deposit..  you're company lied...  I don't want the windows... 
He went on to say the company has been in business many years and made a lot of money last year...   I said "So did BP" ...  he hung up  on me......       then this morning someone left a message on my answering machine  saying I NEED to schedule the installation.

OK so if anyone can think of a way out of this for me, I realize I signed a contract, but I'd appreciate your feedback ...  comment or email me.. thanks ;)

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