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My Pet Jay dropped $1,200 on a new sofa and love seat from my wish list... it should be delivered next week:)

My Adoring Foot $lave Bob has been following all my instructions and so far has opened $150 in PTV mail. Lucky you Bob.. I just sent another 150 worth;)

Slave P came up with a new game for us to play. Between the jacked up rate and all the tributes.. it ended up costing him $354. Ready for round 2 P ? ;)

Slut "A" has been buying up my assignments and blackmail app...a lot of guys fill in fake info, I'm not worried about the blackmail, I'm just having fun with him, making him do humiliating tasks and sending picture proof. Maybe I'll post some ;)

Today's presents are from Piggy M and Riley...  with more to come ;)
 zpink001.jpg picture by belladaisy27