belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Here ya go Mike... 
you don't have to be jealous of all the boys who get my attention...
$250 later... you made it on my journal ;)  I know I could have stayed on and taken more, but I'm ready for bed.  You swear you won't be coming back after tonight, but you've been coming and going for years...  you'll be back bitch, a lot sooner than you think ;)

mikewilliams.jpg picture by belladaisy27


Lion was tributing away like a good stroking bitch... until wifey saw the transactions online and had our credit card turned off tonight in the middle of our fun.  Lion I expect a new card by the end of the week ;)
Piggy M and Riley did more wishlist shopping tonight :)
Reminder: BOB.. you're almost done..but you have more to go ;)

Cummy Scott has to pay hard before I let him call me on NF ...
From Cummy Scott:
Why do you have me begging all the time? I feel like im in another world when it comes to you. I'm just not myself. And you make me feel like im so beneath you that all I'm good for is to be used for my money. Damn I love you!!!! What am I suppose to do about my feelings for you sweetheart?

$50 Pay-to-View:
you're supposed to keep doing whatever it takes to make me happy..  you want me happy right CummySlut?

You know i do!! You know that Donna. What use do I have for you though. How can I add to your happiness? I always feel the need to give in to you.

$50 Pay-to-View:
Good...then don't fight the urge to give in to me.  What makes me happy?... at the moment, it's your money.  Now why don't you slip on your panties and call ;)

I'll put some on now for you. :-) Im dreaming of you!!! serving you, pleasing you, being used by you, and you telling everyone what a slutty piggie i am for you.

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