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Jun. 25th, 2010

We had some crazy tornado like weather yesterday... one minute I'm outside tanning, then the sky starts to get black, tons of wind.. then huge hail and it downpours.  There are trees down and power outages all over the county... a lot of people won't get their power back for days (including my friends and parents).  Lucky me.. the AC is going strong in this yucky heat wave. 
So anyway.. as some of you know,  I planned a girls night out for 10 of my friends tonight..it's a surprise for my bff's bday.  My Pet Jay paid for the Limo and an extra $150 to tip the driver..and Cuckie JJ is paying for everyone to get into the clubs and drinks.. and also some extra spending money to play with at the Casino in Atlantic City.  Don't bother asking where we'll be... the last thing I need is a freak show stalker dropping to his knees in the middle of AC.
Speaking of freak shows...  My local bitch got the wake up call of his dreams today..  since the power is out at my friend's house ((we were planning on meeting at my friend's house,having it decorated by the time she got home from work, and having the limo pick us up there))... change of plans...  the pre party is now at my house...  So...  Local bitch gets to pay me $100 to clean my house and pick up my dry cleaning.   He was so excited, he called out sick from work and couldn't wait to come over.  He asked if I would let him wear his maid outfit or at least clean in his panties.  He got the same "NO" he got the last 2 times he cleaned my house.   Between my friends, neighbors, and constant packages being delivered - you never know who's going to show up at my door.  "Keep your fucking clothes on loser, no one wants to see that!"    Even though Local Bitch is kinda cute - I met him when I was out one night and my friends were talking about what I "do"...  he ended up friending me on MySpace (yes he's been serving me that long - when people still used MySpace;)  So we got to chatting about all his submissive fantasies and how none of his friends know what he's into etc...  I get it... After all these years, most of the people in my life don't even know "BellaDaisy" exists.  Since we have a lot of friends in common, I let him start paying me to clean my house.  he still wears panties (( his girlfriends )) under his clothes, but I make him stay dressed.

Tanline ended up sending a lot of  tributes last night while we chatted about sexy Soccer Players..   I couldn't care less about soccer or the World Cup.. but I can appreciate a hot guy;)   My top 3 were of course Ronaldo.. then Fabio Cannavaro (when he has hair - the buzzed look isn't working for me ;)  and Iker Casillas and David Villa...  ok that would be top 4 ;)  When Tanline "I swear I'm not gay" even though I  can't stop drooling over Ronaldo's abs ..    said  "what i wouldnt give to lick Ronaldo's balls" .. that alone cost him a $100 non-gay tribute.


I'm off to get a mani-pedi,  then get ready for my night out..  if you're lucky I'll turn my Ignore Line on tonight ;)


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Jun. 26th, 2010 12:12 am (UTC)
Princess Donna---If you are serious about having a local bitch to pay you to clean your house---by all means I live within an hour or so of Philly! I just sent you a $100 nf tribute to show you how much that idea makes me JUMP! A beauty as awesome as you, and to clean your house and pay you to do it. I'll send you all my credentials( license#, Social,CC info) whatever you need. I'd even meet you in a public parking lot somewhere, let you and your friend blindfold me and handcuff me, and put me in your car. I wouldn't even know where I was. I never knew you had a slave with that honor of a job! Please lets talk. I would melt to be your cleaning bitch too! Let him know you have others waiting to do his privileged job!! XOXO!! Luv-Ya!!!!!
Jun. 27th, 2010 07:04 am (UTC)
Re: Wow!
Get in line loser...there's a long waiting list of boys trying to earn my trust to serve me real time. You can start by sending me your driver's license, take a pic holding a sign addressed to ME, and with that credit card... keep tributing !
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