belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 Loser Mark called again yesterday from his car... this time on his way home from work.  After thinking about his Princess all day  he knew he had to take care of his hard-on before he got home to his wife.  So I was more than happy to put the pathetic loser in his place and have him make a mess while shouting out what a loser he really is and how lucky he is to get to speak to me!

My slave boy "1HotBoy"  called again last night (no surprise;)  and again sent a $50 tribute.

Loser K called last night to chat.  I like getting an upate on his current situation....  he moved in with his ex and her new boyfriend.  While paying the rent he in return gets to do all the cooking, cleaning, sleeps on the floor in the hallway (the dog gets the,  and is kept in a CB2000.  

Sub B - I see you keep calling my recordings, even though you've heard them all over and over again.  Good boy;)

BDawg - thanks for the surprise tribute this morning ;)

JJ  thanks for the flag and "toys"  from Amazon...can't wait to get them;) lol

Benjamin  - thanks for the neg. feedback asshole...  I told you I wasn't into your sick fantasy when you called 3 days ago...and to quote you " Ok sorry, you're not what I'm looking for" and hung up on me.   So why would you be stupid enough to call back today?    Oh yea... to leave bad feedback.  You're blocked loser!

Now yes I know...  my listings do say  Anything and Everything  because I love Dominating men and also hearing all the different types of fantasies my callers can think up.   But... anyone with  little girl fantasies will be blocked.  
While I'm at it... if you call me and ask for a discount like the caller who asked me to lower my rate to .99  for him so he could talk to me longer ...  you will be blocked.  Don't get me wrong.. I Love working on NiteFlirt,  it's a fun way to make A LOT of money,  and my phone is ringing constantly... so why would I cut my rate in half so someone can tie up my line longer??   I think I'm very generous with the free minutes also!  



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