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Surprisingly the window installers and the furniture delivery guys both showed up on time... 

My Pet Jay - thank you for the sofa and love seat - they are super comfy, but there's a problem with the  coffe and end tables - I'm pretty sure they're not the ones I ordered.  I remember going back and forth in the store between this set and another one and going with the other one cause it matched the TV stand.... I tried to tell the delivery guys it was the wrong ones, but they didn't speak English - so I have to go back to the store tomorrow.   I would have went today, but the window guys are still here ( 11 hours so far ).   I felt bad they've been working in this 100 degree heat all day, so I grilled them some burgers outside... then they offered to do some extra work for free...  In late fall I had a porch/roofed patio built on the front of my house and ended up firing the carpenter before he finished - then we got hit with the winter from hell and it was never finished -- the window guys are out there finishing some work on the roof and capping....  hmmm maybe the way to a guy's heart really is his stomach ;)  Well the window company may be deceiving assholes, but the crew they sent out are pretty awesome.

As I was taking the pics I realized every single thing is my living room was bought by my subbies... the new furniture, tv and stand, curtains, xbox, shelves, picture frames, lamp, phone, and I said...every thing... thanks boys :)



liv2.jpg picture by belladaisy27
My dogs taking a dip ;)

pool111.jpg  pool1.jpg picture by belladaisy27


My Adoring Foot $lave B was afraid someone else would out bid him, so he offered to pay me $800 if I'd hold my worn flip flops for him for 1 week till pay day...  Yes B, for $800 I think I can do that for you ;)
Don't be discouraged footboys, the heels are still up for grabs for a lesser price:) (Contact me on here or Yahoo)


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