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Jul. 14th, 2010

Chicago Mikey and Flamer seem to have hit it off....    not sure what's going on with all you losers lately....  so many of you have been finding each other on Yahoo after realizing you both have ME in common...  I should start charging you bitches to chat with each other!
5-starShe was great, as usual. We talked about my small penis and other guys who like to humiliate me.

Loser Mark and I were both watching the All Star Game and he asked who Colbie Caillat was...   I said she sings "Bubbly" and he said he'd love to have both of us humiliating him.    So I raised the rate and let the loser hump his sink while telling him all the things we'd make him do.

Pain $lut M stopped by for a CBT session...I think he'll be having sweet dreams of duct tape for a very long time.   Thanks for the presents Bitch ;)

Meet my newest toy... I named him Robin Hood.   This European sissy found me on NF and right away filled out my Blackmail App and Loser Assignments...

his before pic (just your average Slut)
robin-bitch-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

and after... all sissied up..