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Wow.. who knew... apparently I'm a 27 year old bisexual from  Florida...

To the loser who's going around making fake accounts and banking off my pics and videos - that you steal right off this journal...    enjoy the free ride loser, it's about to be over! 

You know it's one thing to use my "domme related" pics... but when you also steal pics of my dogs and photos from my friend's wedding that I posted on here to share some of my life with my loyal pets... that's extra creepy!

A big thank you to  Piggy M for pointing it out to me;)

If you see my pics used anywhere else...let me know... thanks:)


Jul. 17th, 2010 12:45 am (UTC)
We'll all be on the lookout for any of your pics Bella, I'm sure. Just because you are real and successful, why do others try to take from you?? But then again, to be as beautiful as YOU--well when I think of it, who wouldn't want that???? Nobody can be YOU though!!!
Your fans will not tolerate theft from you. You have eyes and ears watching out for you, as far it depends upon me.