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My pet of the day is....  
Mo-A.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Mo's been IMing me on Yahoo for months...  usually leaving me an offline message -- I'd reply and never get anywhere..  so I wrote him off as a Time Waster...   I guess he just needed a little push...  we happened to both be online at the same time and when it took him more than a couple minutes to reply, I told him to never contact me again..and signed off.   Mo quickly sent me tributes and made another Yahoo id because he was afraid I had blocked him.  Now my little bitch can't open my pay mails fast enough:)

Another loser who couldn't open my PTV mails fast enough....  Loser Mark...
The couch humper got a taste of my Tease & Denial last night... mostly denial...while sending lots of tributes before I finally jacked up my rate and let him call.

Chicago Mikey came back around...  we talked for a while, but once he found out Master Joe was online, he got scared and ran away ;)      Right Mikey;)
chicago mikey5-starPLEASE don't let Master Joe dominate me...please!!! (sniffle)

I talked to Sissy Mimi for about an hour and half...   she's always entertaining...  that's one slutty BBC loving Georgia peach ;)

So today is the day.... "kick my tenant out day"....finally..... except.....  it's not that simple...  She's been calling me the past 3 days trying to pay me the 2 Grand in back rent she owes and wants to stay in the house.   So I had to make a decision...    If I had her removed today - I'd be responsible for emptying all her stuff out of the house and putting it in storage for 30 days... and... there's no way in hell I'd ever see the $2,000 she owes me.    So.... I decided to let her stay and she promised to have August's payment ready for me on the 1st.   Of course I'm thinking..  she couldn't keep up with the last 2 months..  how is she having another thousand for me 5 days from now?  I really hope I don't end up back at the court house next week filing all over again...    but at least this time I know to do it right away if she's ever late on her rent again.
I just keep telling myself...  all this bullshit will be worth it when the mortgage is paid off in about 5 or 6  years and I'm just making money off the property.     
5 or 6 more years... lol.....sigh....



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