belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Thanks sucker...

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Hmmm... who could it be? Which one of you accidentally sent me a $100 Amazon gift card tonight addressed to another "Princess" ?
it said: Well Princess xxxxx. As You said You are interested in having a forced intox slave, i am maybe Yours...

Here's the thing... I only have a handful of forced intox slaves... and only a few of you have my "special" email address.  
I'm not mad, I don't mind sharing... just make sure you send her another one... cause I already spent Mine ;)

I had a $200 forced intox session with Swiss Subbie earlier in the night... maybe he was looking for round 2 with someone else..or too drunk to get my name right?  lol  either way..whoever it was - thanks for the gc ;)

EDIT:   Mystery Solved....  Swiss Subbie emailed me early this morning.
Dear Mistress,
Regarding Your last journal entry, i have to confirm You that yes it was me who sent You the gc.  i am really sorry for that, but i do not remember what i did in fact... Sorry again Mistress
Best regards

My Pet Jay.... I just bought a computer chair off my wishlist for $170 with your (My) new credit card;)

Cummy - rest up... this is your one night off ;)

Tags: belladaisy22, bitch, financial domination, forced intox, humiliation, mistress, money slave, presents, princess, spoil me, tribute, wallet raping, wish list

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