belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I haven't felt like taking the time to update my journal over the past week... I've been too busy enjoying my summer. I know some of you just don't know what to do with yourselves since I haven't been around as much as you're used to, but don't worry boys ~ I'm back and ready to use you:)

In just 3 weeks I'll be in Bermuda for a week.   I MIGHT jack up the rate and occasionally turn my ignore line on because I know some of you will be going through major Bella withdrawal;)
Some things for you boys to save up for:    It's going to cost $800 to keep my Shih tzus in a doggy suite at the "Pet Hotel".   My Chows are staying home with one of my friends who is nice enough to stay at my house and dog/house sit while I'm away.
I was thinking of doing the "Swim with the Dolphins" , but I think it's kind of a rip off....  $250 and you're only actually in the water for a few minutes.

CummyScott knows the best way to get and keep my attention is to tribute/pay/spoil...he bought me a new Coach bag which ended up costing him $349 after tax and 2 day shipping:)

YouTube Levon bought me a dress and a dry erase board off my wish list last week. I don't really know what he's into yet because he found me on youtube and took it upon himself to buy those presents... I didn't bother talking to him much because I wanted to see if the presents really came.... the board came today.. so I guess I'll give him a chance to serve me.

Some other presents came from Piggy M and SS... I'll post pics later. Thanks boys:)

After sending a lot of tributes, Loser Mark and 1HB got humiliated at the same time...what a treat that was for Mark.... he was Extra pathetic that day ;)

Arab loser Mo is still hanging around waiting to be used whenever I'm in the mood.

Another blast from the past has returned... I think it's been around 3 years, but Eric has returned to shop for his "Shoe Princess". I wasn't online, but he sent a tribute and a link to a pair of boots he wanted to buy for me. They'll be good to wear with one of my Halloween costumes, so I let him buy those and another pair of heels off my wishlist.

((Hey Beau -- Cam gets Stacey whenever he wants.... and you get NONE  ;) hahaha))

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