September 21st, 2007

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 Happy Friday everyone:)

Loser Mark called again on his way home yesterday so I could laugh at him...  that's 3 days in a row.  Now that I'm also taking calls during the day, he can't resist calling:)

1Hot Boy called to check in when he got home from work and sent a $150. tribute.    

JP my weak lil man called...he loves the thought of me looking down at him in my 6 inch platform heels.

Bitch boy Sam snuck in a couple calls late last night while his wife was sleeping... she has no idea he visits  She-males  and wants to be whored out.

1HotBoy woke up around 1am and got online to see what I was up to.  Seeing that he had to arrange a call, it got him so worked up to have to wait in line to get attention from his Princess.  He waited over a half hour like a good slave boy, even though he had to get up early for work today.


Little dick Michael just called.  He asked what type of guys I like to date and wanted to know if size really does matter. (he's  Almost 4 inches on a good day;)    Yes loser SIZE MATTERS!!  


I'm going shopping,  I'll be back on NiteFlirt tonight ;)