October 13th, 2007

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 My little pet Michael from Canada called 3 times last night ((with his wife complaining in the background))   He knows I come before her... and was happy to hear I'll let him get back on a pay schedule...  every pay day  he sends me a nice tribute:)

UK Matt and I chatted for over an hour and a half last night... along with a $210. tribute :)

Dylan called to be used and abused last night...  his girlfriend dumped him a couple months ago...  he'd rather stay home and call NiteFlirt instead of going out and moving on with his life.  He deleted his account a few weeks ago -- but  like a true loser who just can't stay away... he was back for more:)  I asked him how often he's been calling NiteFlirt again and he said he only spoke to one other girl the day before.  I know she charges more than I do...  so I hung up on him...  raised my rates... and made him call right back and thank me for taking more of his money :)


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 It's still early on Saturday night, but so far...

1HotBoy called earlier to check in.

Then I had a really fun hour cam call with mjd.

A little bit later Lion/Blaze  did a cam call and paid $170 in pay-to-view mails.

My little foot slave Opium was back tonight... it's been a very long time since he called.  He knows he can't afford to call me, but spent all his grocery money for the week on me... so he could worship my feet on cam. :)