October 15th, 2007

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Today was a great day...  I finished decorating outside for Halloween, carved these adorable pumpkins, the Eagles won, and I made A LOT of money on NiteFlirt...

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 Pet Matt went above and beyond completing my Loser Assignments...  I'm off to get a pedicure and do some shopping with Matt's money ;)  I'll be on Yahoo cam tonight after 8

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A bunch of Amazon wish list presents arrived today!  Thanks JJ,  I'll send you pics tomorrow:)

I got on NiteFlirt around 8 tonight  and the calls have been non-stop...

First Loser Scott called -- always ready to make a fool of himself for me...  humping his floor...with his underwear in his mouth. lol Pathetic!

Then jr/Kevin called and we chatted about what's been going on with him...  he's living with his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend...  ((this is the guy who gets to sleep on the floor in the hallway because their dog gets the couch)) lol
He had an interesting story involving his CB2000 and some Icy Hot.  lol  Ouch!  ;)

Then Pet Matt sent a $250. tribute and did a 35 minute Cam call where I showed him just how much I Own him.

I had a new Sissy Slave Josh call for some cbt... he only lasted 9 minutes;)

Loser Scott called back again for more humiliation...  that's always good for a laugh.

I had another new caller NYsub call my Cam line and we had some fun with his fantasies.

I noticed my pictures have been selling a lot lately...  thanks guys:)

Well it's 1am...  I think I'll go watch a lil tv before bed.  I'll be on tomorrow afternoon so my $laves can check in with me...and then I'll be back on NiteFlirt around 8pm(eastern)  again.