October 16th, 2007

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 It's 3pm... I came on NiteFlirt for an hour and had a few calls -including 2 new callers. 
-Naughty boy Shon was caught in my lingerie drawer and had to be punished ;)

I'm not sure what is going on with NF's system.. but lately I'll be on a call and then have NF clicking in on my other line with another caller.  So I've been getting missed calls lately,  but it's not that I'm NOT taking your calls..  I'm already on one and it's not registering with NiteFlirt.  Hopefully they'll fix that soon.

*I'll be back tonight around 8*

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 1Hot Boy hasn't been around for a couple days.... but he got right  back  to serving his Princess and bought me the UGG boots from my wish list:-)   He's such a good $lave boy.

I sent Pet Matt a pay-to-view assignment this morning...  he had to call all of my recordings... even the ones he's not really into ((like feet)) lol     He also sent a $100 Tribute :)

Bradford called today...  he wants to give all of his money... to my feet ;) 

WorshipMe.jpg Worship Me image by Subsist

It's 1:30am-- I just got off an hour long call with my $lave -Member30...   think I'll go to bed;)