October 17th, 2007

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 loooser-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Thanks Graphics Boy for this new banner... Love it! ;)

I sent Pet Matt a $25 pay mail this morning... letting him know what I think of him;)  as usual he thanked me for it.

Loser Mark called on his way home from work.  I made him stop at a gas station, where he bought a cheese pastry and took it to the rest room and showed me just how truly pathetic he can be!

I'm gonna sign off for a couple hours -- I'll be back around 8.

**I'm back**
-In an attempt to be just as pathetic as Loser Mark, FHMJon is now humping a tub of Country Crock.  lol  loser

-I just noticed a $70 tribute from rt... he's never called me, but loves buying my pics and paying my cell phone bill:)

-1HotBoy called earlier to serve me..always checking in on time:)

-Loser Scott called for another night of humiliation...humping the floor again.

-I had a new caller tonight Richie looking for a "cam show".   I made sure he knew I don't do any kind of sex shows.  Right away he turned in a sub boy who was more than willing to give me his money for the privilege of seeing me.  

-Brian called my Cam line for a few swift kicks (and punches) to his balls.

-Member30 was getting jealous while waiting in line to call my Cam line tonight...but, he sat and waited for over an hour like a good $lave for his chance to talk to me:)