November 18th, 2007

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 Loser Jim called yesterday - on the first call he was hiding in his garage...  he almost got caught though because he "said" he charged the phone # to his cell, but NF caled his home # anyway.   I'm thinking Jim's just an idiot and didn't do it right;)  I told him  we can't have him making stupid mistakes like that... he's no use to me if he gets caught by his girlfriend and can't pay my for my bills and beauty expenses!  Later he called me hiding in his bathroom.  I loved teasing him for being so pathetic:)
-Jim knows he's a loser and he knows the time has come for him to suck his 1st cock!!    So now I have to find a guy who looks like the guy who stole Jim's first girlfriend away from him at a party one night.
A tall 6'4  6'5   Very muscular and Very dominant guy with 8 - 10 inches ((more than twice the size of Jim's)) , who likes sissy boy cock suckers  in the Denver - Ft. Collins areas in Colorado.  Oh and Jim informed me...  as an added bonus... Loser Jim has a great ass!  ;)

A new caller - JD emailed me yesterday....

JD: Dear BellaDaisy22, I would love to serve you and pay some of your bills, for example your makeup every month. You are beautiful and it would be an honour. I will sign a contract to do that and pay you via niteflirt. Just demand the money and I will pay. Thank you.

JD: I am too shy to talk to you in the phone, but I would love to serve you and pay your bills. 

$10 - Pay-to-view: too shy to talk to Me... well ...
that's fine by Me;)  I'll be happy to let you serve Me and pay My Bills!

JD:Just paid BellaDaisy22. It would be an honour to adopt one of your bills, for example to pay for your make up or pampering.

$30: PTV:  Pay for My Pedicure:) I love having My feet pampered!
good boy!

JD:Your wish is my command, goddess.

$25 PTV: I can't just get a pedi... you'll have to pay for My French Manicure too!!!

JD: Yes, Princess

$23 PTV: you do know Princess doesn't wear cheap make up
Shiny new lipgloss for your Princess!

JD: Paid, you are beautiful

Mike from Chicago sent a $30 tribute and called again last night -- he can't stand the thought of having sex with his fat old wife.  He HAD to do it with her last night and said the only way to get through it was picturing me instead of her. 


My little "weakling" sent a $30 tribute begging me to own and humiliate him:)