November 29th, 2007

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 I haven't posted all week... I've been really busy... but let's see 

Tonight I made Ryan call me.  I have some pics of him he doesn't want anyone ((especially his girlfriend)) to see.  I wanted to post them on here, but he begged me not to.  So he called my cam line for a while.  After spending his first $20 he started whining.  That is SO Annoying!  So I made him keep adding money.   I finally let him get off the phone when he asked if he could call back a little later.
-A couple hours later I saw him on Yahoo and told him to call.  He tried to get out of it.... but I made him call back.   I ended up taking $100 from him tonight :)

1Hot Boy called to check in a little while ago.  I didn't talk to him too often this week....  he knows he has to make up for it tomorrow night!

My Florida sissy boy Cas called my cam line  tonight looking to serve me.  He'd do anything his Goddess asks :)

UK Matt loves the fantasy of being blackmailed.   I put those extremely humiliating pics back on my journal last night ((the ones I had on here last week for a couple hours))  some of you happened to check my journal at the right time and know exactly what I'm talking about ;)
Matt loves talking about what would happen if I emailed some of his ex-girlfriends those pictures.  He ended up sending $240. in tributes:)

Scotty called last night...  I'm not sure if i mentioned him before.  Originally Scotty called to be dominated, but when he called we just started chatting and it was weird for me to suddenly start dominating and humiliating him after having a nice long talk... so he called a few times after that.. just to talk.  Well last night I decided I was done with the chatting and told him the only way he's going to get my attention is to pay me!  I have too many callers trying to chat online  when they SHOULD be calling...  so he "paid for my pedicure" $30:)
and then called for a lil over 20 minutes so I could remind him that even though we had some nice talks.. he is still a loser who needs to pay for my attention :)

"Wow"  called my cam line for some CBT --  he had his tool box ready to go.   He normally only lasts about 15 minutes before it gets to be too much for him, but last night the call was 40 minutes long:)  I'm sure it felt even longer to him:)    There was a hammer, screw driver, wrench, rope, cigarette, and (Q-tip -not in the tool box, but I made him go get one)    I couldn't believe he stayed on that long ((I mean, I did MAKE him add more money every time  we got the 1 minute warning,  but still ;) lol))    I was even more shocked when he IMed me on Yahoo an hour later and asked if he could call back  for another  half hour of pain.
Of course I said yes:)